Makeup for the every day woman

Simple makeup application for the every day woman. Suitable for almost everybody !

Steps involved..

  1. Cleanse with Gariner cleansing water (pink lid) 
  2. Prime with Becca illuminating primer
  3. Moisturise 
  4. Apply foundation ( Mac face and body foundation for light to medium coverage) evenly over face 
  5. Conceal under eyes with Mac pro long wear concealer 
  6. Set under the eyes with Hourglass powder in Diffused light
  7. Use Mac paint pot in ground work as eyeshadow base, blend evenly 
  8. Apply Mac shadow in soft brown across the mobile eyelid, blend out any lines for a soft edge. 
  9. Use a dark brown shadow to line 3/4 of the way under neath the eyes, blend over the top with soft brown shadow.
  10. Apply Poni mascara 
  11. Contour with Mac Matte Bronze from top of ear to cheek and around the forehead hairline and jawline.  
  12. Blush with Mac Powder blush in Peaches
  13. Fill brows with angled brush with Brow Powder duo in taupe from Anastasia Beverley Hills
  14.  Line lips with Mac Subculture, then gloss with Mac tinted lip glass in Beaux

Most of these products can be purchased from Mac, Mecca and/or Sephora.

Brushes mostly needed are blush, contour, eyebrow, eyeshadow, powder you can get a pack of Real Techniques from Priceline.



Bold Lips


Wearing a bold lip is a commitment and the number one rule is to have the perfect lip line.  Applying a matte formula makes this more achievable and there is less chance of error.  To achieve the perfect line a good idea is to apply your lipstick and THEN carefully line the lip afterwards with a perfectly sharp and matching lip liner.


The warmer your skin tone the warmer the colour you should reach for is the general rule of thumb. But hey, rules can be broken AND if theres a colour you love then go for it !! 


The simplest way to jazz up a boring outfit is to rock a bold lip or if you're wanting to turn your makeup from day to night then a bold lip is the easiest way.  Nothing is more sexy than a bold lip, some great sunglasses and some killer heels.  


A bold lips says “I’m brave, I'm confident and I'm fierce” 


Be bold !! xx 


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5 Simple steps to your perfect natural brow


1. Allow brows to grow out for 6 weeks to reach their full potential. The longer the better as that lets you see your natural shape. 


image via

image via

2 .Remember that bolder is better these days and gone are the Insta brows (thank goodness!). Find the beginning of your brows by holding a brow pencil vertically at the middle of each nostril and then mark that spot for later reference. Pivot the pencil to the outside of your iris to find your arch, and again make a mark. To find the tail end of your arch, swing the pencil until it grazes the outer corner of your eye.


3. Start by plucking any stray hairs beneath the two dots at the beginning of your brows. (Remember a bit of bushiness is what makes a great natural brow so baby hairs that fall within your natural shape should stay-put.) Then do the same with strays beneath your arch and beyond the end of the tail. 


4. Brush hair up with spoolie and one hair at a time trim only the very long hairs


5. If you have some sparse spots, you can fake a bolder brow by using a brow pencil to  feather in some "hairs" in a shade that matches your natural brow.




Shan x 

Expert tips for booking your makeup for a destination wedding

Expert Tips for Booking Your Makeup for a Destination Wedding


You’ve finally booked and agreed on a location for your destination wedding, congratulations! Destination weddings are so fun and romantic and I have no doubt you’re going to have the time of your life. Logistically speaking, destination weddings can be both easier and slightly more challenging. On one hand, everything is in one place and venues generally have a list of approved suppliers you can utilise for your festivities. On the other hand, the specialists you had your eye on are now a long drive or even a plane ride away. 


It goes without saying that make up artistry is one element you can’t chance. Ensuring you look flawless throughout the day and in every photo is super important. Not only will this do wonders for your confidence on the day, your photos actually DO last a lifetime. Your makeup needs to withstand tears, laughter, champagne, kisses and more. I’ve compiled my top tips on how to book makeup for your destination wedding. 


Have a trial

By taking the time to trial your makeup, you will be able to gauge how it wears on your skin throughout the day. What may start as a flawless matte look, could quickly turn into a greasy patchy mess by the end of the day. I had a bride who had a terrible experience with her trial makeup, her skin was greasy and pale in every single photo she took. You don’t want to chance that on the day that’s for sure. 


Make sure you research which products your makeup artist uses. There’s a vast difference in quality when it comes to makeup. I only use MAC, Chanel, Makeup Forever HD, Napoleon and Inglot because I have complete faith in their application, look and lasting qualities. 


Consider Flying In Your Preferred Artist

Most professional makeup artists are only too happy to travel to meet the needs of their clients so if there is someone you’ve been referred to or heard great things about, why not ask them about their travel fee?


By using an artist who you feel comfortable with, you will be guaranteed peace of mind on your big day. Remember, your makeup artist will be spending a crucial part of the morning with you. I had a client who was so nervous she literally couldn’t talk as she sat in the makeup chair. I see it as part of the service to relax brides and create a fun atmosphere. If you don’t feel calm and confident with your suppliers, this will add to the nerves and pressure you may feel on the day. 


Finally, use sunscreen. I cannot tell you how many brides I’ve worked with you have had too much fun in the sun in the lead up to their wedding. While skilled makeup artists can cover sun damage, it does dry out your skin. This means that products will not take as well and your makeup look may not be everything you were hoping it would be. 


Enjoy this beautiful time in your life and if you’d like to discuss your makeup needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a personalised quote. 






Why you should invest in a quality MUA

As a seasoned makeup artist with over 14 years experience in the field, I hear from many clients who don’t quite understand how makeup artists vary so much in cost. If you’ve taken the time to gather quotes and compare prices, you will most likely notice there is a massive difference in prices. So, what makes one makeup artist more expensive than the next? 


Quality of Products

Think of this like shopping at Target vs Mecca Cosmetica for your products. While a Target foundation can cost as little as $19, a fantastic foundation from Mecca Cosmetica can cost upwards of $90. 


When you ask for a quote, also make sure you ask for a list of products your makeup artist uses. I only use MAC, Chanel, Makeup Forever HD, Napoleon and Inglot as I have complete confidence in the application, look and staying power of these products. They ARE much more expensive. Keeping my supplies well stocked is a continued expense. 


Business Registration & Insurance

Professional makeup artists are required to be registered as a business and have up to date insurance policies. As we work in multiple locations and are client focussed, we need insurance to cover us in the event of a natural disaster, injury and more. This insurance isn’t cheap but ALL makeup artists should be covered. This will naturally increase the price of their service as their overheads are higher. 


Be sure to check that your artist is registered and insured before progressing with their service. 



As with all professions, makeup artists come armed with a range of training, skills and experience. A senior makeup artist for example has likely completed a diploma along with a considerable number of masterclasses and workshops. The time and cost associated with constant upskilling ensures you are receiving a superior service. This does mean that their fees will be charged out at a higher rate. 


When you are searching for a makeup artist, take the time to check out their skills and experience. This will dramatically impact the quote you receive. 



While the application of your makeup may take up to 2 hours to complete, your makeup artist spends considerable time before the appointment travelling and ensuring all products required for your look are available. If not, they will spend time purchasing these especially for you. 


When your appointment is over, you’ll find your makeup artist lovingly cleaning their brushes and reorganising their products. Also, many makeup artists work over weekends and during the evening which in any other industry, would attract double rates. 


Your session could quickly add up to over 5 hours worth of work but you may only see your artist for two of them. 


A larger investment in your makeup artist generally means you will get a superior service. Before progressing with a makeup artist, take the time to research their experience, products they use and their overall professionalism. 


Have you ever had your makeup done professionally? Were you happy with the finished look? 




Skincare Lead Up To Your Wedding Day

Beautiful bridal make-up starts with good skin – no foundation will look perfect without a smooth, exfoliated base.  The earlier you start your pre wedding skincare regime the better.  I would invest in some good skincare products and book monthly microdermabrasion’s if you’re wanting that amazing bridal glow.


Stress! You can’t plan a wedding without it. Unfortunately it can cause breakouts as your wedding day draws near.  Find ways to have time away from planning your wedding. You could try a massage, or yoga. A good B vitamin helps with this too.


If you suffer with blackheads or hormonal spots on your chin, try using a salicylic acid product as part of your skincare regime. This will help to gently exfoliate the skin and clear out pores. Salicylic acid also has an anti-inflammatory effect so it’s great for blemishes that have become inflamed.


Make sure you wear SPF50 every day! Sun damage not only causes long-term damage but can also dry out the skin and cause unwanted pigmentation.


If you’re on a low fat diet this can effect the moisture in your skin. You may need to look at using a more nourishing moisturizer.


Start drinking green tea, preferably every day. Not only can this help with weight loss – alongside a good diet and exercise regime, of course – but many people swear by its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help brighten the skin and reduce acne.


Don’t try any new products up to three weeks before your wedding – this includes skincare and make-up. You don’t want to deal with any unwanted and unexpected reactions right before your wedding.


Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about your skin!



Shan xx

Makeup Artist Hygiene

When hiring a makeup artist the most important thing to be aware of if their hygiene standards. I have see some pretty disturbing habits that have made my skin crawl ! It's all good and well if the artist is talented at makeup but you don't want to be left with an eye infection or heaven forbid a staph infection! Don't use blind faith when it comes to sanitisation because you could be left with life long cold sore has happened.  

Don't be afraid to ask questions, a professional will take pride in telling you their hygiene practices. 

Things to look out for are..

  • Did she wash her hands before she started ? 
  • Is their kit clean and tidy or are there things spilled out everywhere and it looks like it's never been cleaned...EVER ? 
  • Are the brushes being used on your face clean or have they got powder on them from the last client/s? 
  • Are they double dipping or using a spatula ? 
  • Are disposable mascara wands being used or are you and the last 10 or 20 clients sharing liquids?!! Gross!

Each and every brush needs to me cleaned and disinfected in between clients even the morning of a wedding when there are eight makeups being done in a row.  

Don't try to be nice or polite if you see your MUA using bad habits you don't want someone else's bacteria or germs going on your face.  Do you ?!

This topic should, SHOULD go without saying but unfortunately it doesn't when "professionals" are cutting corners and are in a hurry to get to the next job or are just plain lazy!  

I wash and condition my brushes twice a week and before every single job clean and wipe down my kit. Personally there's no better feeling than turning up to a job with everything sparking and clean.

Shan xx

Male Makeup Done Right

When it comes to male makeup subtle is key and less is best.  A small amount of makeup can go a long way when it comes to enhancing the male skin and bringing his best features forward. 

It is best to start with clean exfoliated skin, and then moisturise and prime accordingly. Next conceal under the eyes and over any blemishes. Set the entire face with a translucent powder to take away any shine.  Contour if needed/desired with a powder bronzer. It is extremely important to clean away makeup that may have fallen into the eyelashes and eyebrows. Brush eyebrows and set with a clear wax. Apply a small amount of lip balm. Presto ! 

Here is an example of some male makeup that I did for a recent shoot on model Luke at the stunning wedding venue Victoria Park Golf Course. He is dressed by Black Jacket Suiting and floral buttonhole by Madison in Bloom. Photography by the one and only Wildflower Weddings

Spray tanning and your wedding day

If you’re a tanning regular you probably know all there is to know about what and who will give you the best tan for your wedding day.  If you’re new to tanning here are a few hints you might find helpful. 

It's a good idea not to have your first ever spray tan prior to your wedding day. Reason being it will not wash off if you don’t like it or if for some reason it ends up uneven.  I advise having one or two trials a month before your wedding this way you can decide what depth of darkness you’d like to be and if you like the product your tan technician uses.

Image via Nouba

Before each professional tan you have applied, to give you the best results you must prep your skin accordingly.. 

  • Make your tan appointment 2 days prior to your big day.
  •  Shave the day before your tan. If waxing I'd advise 4-6 days prior.
  • Gently exfoliate your body and concentrate on dry areas of skin e.g. knees and elbows and feet.
  • When you arrive to your tanning appointment please don't wear deodorant, moisturiser or perfume as this can effect the even-ness.
  • It's best to wear lose dark clothing after you have had your spray tan especially in those first few hours.
  • Tan can be washed off in as little as 2 hours and left on for up to 8 hours depending on the depth of colour you desire.
  • Do not go to the gym or do anything that will cause excessive perspiration. Swimming should also be avoided while you tan is in the developing phase.
  • Further development may occur after first shower meaning you may be a couple of shades darker 24hrs after your first shower. 
  • Moisturise daily to ensure your tan lasts for as long as possible and fades evenly.

A couple of things to consider..

A spray tan may sit differently on your skin depending on your hormone levels if you change medications or if you are stressed. 

Remember you want your wedding photos to be timeless so subtle is always best.


Shan xx



Airbrush or Traditional Makeup????

The airbrush process

The airbrush process

It's been asked so many times lately... Which is best?...The answer is there is no one type that fits all.  Saying that one is better that the other is like saying that one wedding dress will suit everyone. Silly hey?? There are so many variables.  


What is your skin like (fine lines, big open pores, oily, smooth, scarred, normal) ? 
What finish are you looking for ? 
The list goes on.... 
Different foundations can be used through the airbrush machine to give a different finish such as matte or dewy and heavy or sheer coverage.  
Your makeup artist should stock a range of foundations in their kit for most skin types.  If they are confident and competent they will tell you which is best for you and what will and won't give you your desired look.  
Don't be tricked into choosing  an artist based on their foundation application technique.  Look at the individual artists portfolio and make sure you like what you see. There is so much more to makeup that just the foundation application. 
Another thing to consider...What would your artist do if they only offered airbrushing and there was a power outage?  Some but not all airbrushing foundations can be applied traditionally. I've actually worked on a wedding where there WAS a power outage, 30 floors up in Brisbane city on a Saturday morning and the power went off for 3 hours !! My trusty traditional foundation came out and the makeup was done in perfect timing. 
Trials can be an added cost to your wedding budget but it's better to know what your getting and have experimented with what you like and what suits you than to have any unexpected surprises on your actual wedding day. 
Do I personally have a favourite ? No... Is there a time and a place for each? Yes absolutely!!
Shan xx