Makeup Artist Hygiene

When hiring a makeup artist the most important thing to be aware of if their hygiene standards. I have see some pretty disturbing habits that have made my skin crawl ! It's all good and well if the artist is talented at makeup but you don't want to be left with an eye infection or heaven forbid a staph infection! Don't use blind faith when it comes to sanitisation because you could be left with life long cold sore has happened.  

Don't be afraid to ask questions, a professional will take pride in telling you their hygiene practices. 

Things to look out for are..

  • Did she wash her hands before she started ? 
  • Is their kit clean and tidy or are there things spilled out everywhere and it looks like it's never been cleaned...EVER ? 
  • Are the brushes being used on your face clean or have they got powder on them from the last client/s? 
  • Are they double dipping or using a spatula ? 
  • Are disposable mascara wands being used or are you and the last 10 or 20 clients sharing liquids?!! Gross!

Each and every brush needs to me cleaned and disinfected in between clients even the morning of a wedding when there are eight makeups being done in a row.  

Don't try to be nice or polite if you see your MUA using bad habits you don't want someone else's bacteria or germs going on your face.  Do you ?!

This topic should, SHOULD go without saying but unfortunately it doesn't when "professionals" are cutting corners and are in a hurry to get to the next job or are just plain lazy!  

I wash and condition my brushes twice a week and before every single job clean and wipe down my kit. Personally there's no better feeling than turning up to a job with everything sparking and clean.

Shan xx