Expert tips for booking your makeup for a destination wedding

Expert Tips for Booking Your Makeup for a Destination Wedding


You’ve finally booked and agreed on a location for your destination wedding, congratulations! Destination weddings are so fun and romantic and I have no doubt you’re going to have the time of your life. Logistically speaking, destination weddings can be both easier and slightly more challenging. On one hand, everything is in one place and venues generally have a list of approved suppliers you can utilise for your festivities. On the other hand, the specialists you had your eye on are now a long drive or even a plane ride away. 


It goes without saying that make up artistry is one element you can’t chance. Ensuring you look flawless throughout the day and in every photo is super important. Not only will this do wonders for your confidence on the day, your photos actually DO last a lifetime. Your makeup needs to withstand tears, laughter, champagne, kisses and more. I’ve compiled my top tips on how to book makeup for your destination wedding. 


Have a trial

By taking the time to trial your makeup, you will be able to gauge how it wears on your skin throughout the day. What may start as a flawless matte look, could quickly turn into a greasy patchy mess by the end of the day. I had a bride who had a terrible experience with her trial makeup, her skin was greasy and pale in every single photo she took. You don’t want to chance that on the day that’s for sure. 


Make sure you research which products your makeup artist uses. There’s a vast difference in quality when it comes to makeup. I only use MAC, Chanel, Makeup Forever HD, Napoleon and Inglot because I have complete faith in their application, look and lasting qualities. 


Consider Flying In Your Preferred Artist

Most professional makeup artists are only too happy to travel to meet the needs of their clients so if there is someone you’ve been referred to or heard great things about, why not ask them about their travel fee?


By using an artist who you feel comfortable with, you will be guaranteed peace of mind on your big day. Remember, your makeup artist will be spending a crucial part of the morning with you. I had a client who was so nervous she literally couldn’t talk as she sat in the makeup chair. I see it as part of the service to relax brides and create a fun atmosphere. If you don’t feel calm and confident with your suppliers, this will add to the nerves and pressure you may feel on the day. 


Finally, use sunscreen. I cannot tell you how many brides I’ve worked with you have had too much fun in the sun in the lead up to their wedding. While skilled makeup artists can cover sun damage, it does dry out your skin. This means that products will not take as well and your makeup look may not be everything you were hoping it would be. 


Enjoy this beautiful time in your life and if you’d like to discuss your makeup needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a personalised quote.