5 Simple steps to your perfect natural brow


1. Allow brows to grow out for 6 weeks to reach their full potential. The longer the better as that lets you see your natural shape. 


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image via

2 .Remember that bolder is better these days and gone are the Insta brows (thank goodness!). Find the beginning of your brows by holding a brow pencil vertically at the middle of each nostril and then mark that spot for later reference. Pivot the pencil to the outside of your iris to find your arch, and again make a mark. To find the tail end of your arch, swing the pencil until it grazes the outer corner of your eye.


3. Start by plucking any stray hairs beneath the two dots at the beginning of your brows. (Remember a bit of bushiness is what makes a great natural brow so baby hairs that fall within your natural shape should stay-put.) Then do the same with strays beneath your arch and beyond the end of the tail. 


4. Brush hair up with spoolie and one hair at a time trim only the very long hairs


5. If you have some sparse spots, you can fake a bolder brow by using a brow pencil to  feather in some "hairs" in a shade that matches your natural brow.




Shan x